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Every little
bite counts.

We’re tackling sustainability
one cookie at a time.

Fancypants Cookies and oats

Elevated taste. 

The delicious oat flour we use is dried and milled from the oat pulp left after making oatmilk. Instead of it being thrown away, we use the flour produced by our Upcycled Certified partner to fill our cookies with nutrition while diverting food waste and reducing greenhouse emissions. So go ahead, have another. It’s for the planet, right?


Our Fancypants upcycled oat flour

This year alone Fancypants will save 25 million gallons of water and divert enough greenhouse gas emissions to charge 2.7 million cell phones just by baking with upcycled oat flour.


Clean energy from real ingredients.

You can’t make cookies without a few crumbs. We take the broken cookies that happen as a part of our day-to-day production and turn them into renewable energy. By partnering with Farm Powered, this food waste is converted into carbon-negative renewable natural gas to cleanly power our world with Cookie Power.

Fancypants Cookies being eaten animation

Scarf. Recycle. Repeat

If you thought what was inside the package was good, get a load of what the outside can do. All of our packaging is fully recyclable, even though it looks like a bag you’d usually toss out. Find a location near you where you can drop off your empty bag and maybe even pick up a full one to feast on while you’re at it.